video projection mapping

Here’s an experiment we created as part of Flesh Imp’s 10th anniversary celebrations, in collaboration with Casio G-Shock. The brief was to customise a G-Shock watch with paints and markers, but we wanted to experiment with painting it in light – since we knew the event was going to be a dark environment. We had seen video mapping done on a large scale before, so we wanted to experiment making some video mapping on a micro

scale, with a pico projector mounted above the watch, and some careful calculations, we could get the projected visuals to line up exactly with the watch. Animations were created in Flash and exported to a video format which was then loaded into the projector (via SD card).

hosay! reviewed in digital life

We just got a mention in today’s Digital Life in the Straits Times. The Auntie and Uncle characters, whom we named “Ah Ma” and “Ah Pa” are getting quite famous now.

Flesh Imp Coke Zero Collaboration

We helped our good friends at Flesh Imp with some animation graphics to support their collaboration with Coke Zero at the official launch party at Butter Factory.

The theme for the bottle graphics is messaging acronyms, so our video explored several common acronyms.

We used a range of animation techniques ranging from stop-motion to whiteboard flipbook.